Hibachi Boys

I'd have to say our boys are pretty good at eating out in restaurants. Aside from a few bumps during the infancy stage (aka inconsolable crying and annoying all diners withing a 10 miles radius), they are now champs.
They are still at the age where they eat from our plates, so we still only have to pay for just two meals. We will enjoy this as long as it lasts, because Harrison just about eats my entire meal now.
We've recently become fans of a local Japanese steakhouse, or as Harrison calls it, the "fire and knives place". Besides having amazing food, I am a fan of any place the entertains my kids during the meal. Harrison is completely mesmerized the entire meal and hardly moves from his seat.
He loves the fire and knife flipping, not to mention the fact that throwing food seems to be acceptable at a Hibachi grill. He loves catching rice in his mouth that the chef tosses to him.
And speaking of rice...if Harrison doesn't finish my food off, Jefferson will! This kid can put away some rice at his young age! Between the flames exploding across the grill and the cheering diners, Jefferson happily nibbles away enjoying the entertainment.
And of course, when Harrison saw the chopsticks it was all over and he quickly mastered the new utensil. In fact, we are still using the chopsticks...with every meal. It was a compromise as he also wants me to have exploding fire and throw knives while I cook. I think my boys are Hibachi addicts.


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