Operation Check-Out

This post has nothing to do with the ridiculously cute pictures of my littlest man, but what is a post without pictures? I just wanted to share with you and challenge you to join us in Operation Check-Out.
Between diaper changes, laundry, vacuuming, and contested nap times, the stay at home mom can feel that she has little to contribute, especially in the area of service and ministry. It is easy to make excuses and feel like there is not much you can do.
Having been recently challenged about being mission minded, I wondered how I could go on overseas mission trips. Then it hit me, foreign missions are very important, but there are lost and lonely people right here around me. My mission field is anyone outside my door and the "mission team" is my boys.
Thus launched "Operation Check-Out". We make a point to engage our check-out clerk in a conversation wherever we are, the grocery store, fast food, or the mall. Slowly over time we have built relationships with individuals at many locations. These conversations are simple but deeper than a "Hi, how are you?" and seem to be very welcomed.
We have met Katie, a single mom of three desperately trying to make ends meet. She feels hopeless and alone. After weeks of me telling her I was praying for her she now looks for us to come through her line and gives me updates & more prayer requests. We met Kareem who escaped Iran 15 years ago amidst political warfare. There's been Judy and Kyle, and Bill and many others just needing to have someone to talk to.
You don't have to go oversees, out of state, or another time zone to seek the lost and hurting. You just have to look across the street, in your grocery store, or at your doctor's office. These people mindlessly scanning your bread and milk have questions, fears, doubts and hopes. Some are seeking our Savior and you've been blessed with an opportunity to share our hope in Christ all because you ran out of cereal. I challenge you to join us in "Operation Check-Out". Open your hearts and eyes to the mission field in front of you. If you are willing, God will give you the confidence and words to be a light for Him.


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