Half A Year

Some days drag by and some days fly. The long sleepless nights faded into memory and the calendar kept turning and before we knew it 6 whole months have been made fuller because of this guy.
My sweet little man, you are half a year old and growing bigger by the minute! You are wearing 6 months to 12 months size clothes and size 3 diapers.
At your check-up this week you weighed 17lbs. 12oz. and were almost 27" long. You eat like a vacuum. You are not picky and will eat anything in front of you...peas, squash, apples, fingers, hair, spoons.
Your personality cracks me up. You like to fake cough to get attention. You copy most noises and can make car sounds right along with your big brother, not to mention other less endearing sound effects.
(This is a happy face by the way)
You "talk" all the time and make a high pitch squeal at the person you want to converse with in order to get their attention. Bath time is your favorite part of the day. You roll and sit up and laugh contagiously.
You are a joy in our lives and every minute of every day is richer with you a part of our family. We are proud of the little man you are becoming, Jefferson. We love you! Happy 6 months!


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