Out of the Mouth of Harrison

Harrison: Mommy, you are small now.
Me: Huh?
Harrison: Last year you were not small...you were VERY big! Cuz Jeffrun was in your tummy!
Harrison: What are these called we are eating?
Me: Fish sticks, they are made from fish.
Harrison: Can mine be shark sticks instead?
Harrison: Oh no! The bad stole the day! I'll get it back!
Me: The bad guy stole the day?
Harrison: Yeah, I need to get it back
(After a long imaginary battle with an unseen foe...)
Harrison: I got it Mommy! I got the day back! I saved the day!
After kissing him good night and tucking him in, he reaches his little hand to cup my face, looks me in the eyes and says, "Mommy, I will love you for always!"
(Your eyes are not imaging things, nor is there dirt on my camera lens. The lovely crusty yellow ring around Harrison's mouth is from the mac 'n cheese he had just devoured...what a boy!)


  1. Oh mommy, what sweet things he is saying. The girls & I just read in Proverbs about basically what is in the heart so is the man/child. Dont you just love seeing his heart?! Seeing & hearing those sweet sweet words!


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