Weekend Warrior

When we moved into a our new house I noticed a big issue right away...the gaping hole in the fence around our patio. Not really such a big deal, but with a toddler, it's a huge deal! It leads right out to the road and parking spaces. It also seems to welcome in all neighborhood kids who happen to see Harrison and I out playing.
So this weekend, my macho husband headed to Lowe's and bought back the makings for a gate. Being a lawyer and stay at home mom, we don't get much time with power tools. So this was quite a venture for us!
I just didn't think a baby gate or a makeshift barricade was going to work to close the gap and give us privacy and keep Harrison safe inside the patio. Matt decided an official gate was the safest way to go.
So Harrison and I helped Matt do our first DIY weekend project. Harrison was quite the cheering section as he made sure to inspect ever screw, drill bit, and piece of lumber before Matt used it.
When his inspections were finished he lugged his favorite toys outside and played right along side his hardworking Dad.
Matt did a great job! His attention to details and aim for perfection gave us an amazing gate in just a few hours!
I was really proud of his hard work, especially since I can't do a ton to help lift and such. I kept teasing him that he was like Tim the Tool Man Taylor - he seemed to be having a little too much fun with the power tools!
The finished gate is perfect! Now I won't worry about Harrison chasing runaway balls, or random children helping themselves to Harrison's toys while we are playing outside.

It's going to be great to let Harrison just run and play outside. Matt is amazing and I couldn't be more proud of my man and his workmanship!


  1. Love this post, Megan! What a gift we have to be blessed with hard working husbands! I know that gate will get lots of use. We've had a gate on our front porch since Abram was one. Enjoy your time outside! Hugs to your adorable Harrison, too!

  2. Dude! That is pretty well done for having no carpentry experience before.

  3. That looks great - good job, Matt! I love the reference to Tim the Tool Man!


  4. Son, I couldn,t be more proud of you the gate looks great. Of course I already saw it in action on skype. A few more years of carpentry work and you,ll be ready to work at a grocery store.(again)Love you. Dad


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