...I know you can, "do it myself", and I'm ok with that. Your growing into a man who needs to be strong, capable, independent, and brave. So I'm content to watch you scale towers, and climb mountains... ...discover new worlds, and invent new ways to scare me senseless when we challenge the laws of gravity. I'm more than proud to see you becoming quite the leader as you like to "walk in front -I take you home mommy."
And you are getting so strong and manly as you prefer to pull rather than ride in your wagon. This could come in handy as you will have a little brother very soon who will love some rides!
I love every little part of you and the little man you are, but one of my favorites is...
...that at least for right now, no matter how many walls you scale, how many death defying stunts you come up with, you still need an airplane fix every now and then.
I happen to think you stealing a hug with airplane every now and then is pretty manly and I'm definitely ok with that.


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