Boys To Men

I like finding peanut butter and jelly fingerprints on the refrigerator door, and shredded newspaper all over the floor... ...and I like being interrupted when folding laundry to read "I Spy" for the hundredth time, that day.
Because those things aren't going to last. The other day we saw a group of older boys playing and Harrison watched their every move, studying, observing their antics.
I caught myself thinking ahead a decade or so when Harrison is at that age, full of curiosity, a drive to explore, and tons of goofiness. I pray that Matt and I will have instilled in our boys a level headedness and that they will have Godly wisdom to make wise choices when out conquering their imaginary worlds.
As I mentally rewound the clock to the present I became so thankful to have my little buddy who is content to snuggle beside me after his nap, or hold my hand when he is unsure of a situation. As he watched the boys meander away he looked up at me and said, "go home mommy and play cars with you?" "Of course, my little man, for as long as you want!"


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