Harrison's Birthday Weekend

Like I have mentioned before, we go all out for birthdays. We absolutely love them and celebrating the birthday person so we drag it out as long as we can. This year, Harrison was old enough to have an opinion about how he wanted to celebrate and it was so fun to see him truly enjoy celebrating his birthday! We took him out for breakfast Saturday morning to his favorite breakfast place. This kid ate twice as much as I did! He is a tank and can put away some food. I am totally enjoying this "Kids Eat Free" for as long as I can. And because it was his birthday weekend and I may or may not have been an over-indulgent mom when I let him choose out some desserts with his breakfast. Then we were off to every kid's favorite place...Toy's "R" Us! There is no way I could ever describe to you Harrison's reaction every time we go there. He is just in awe over the toys and gets super giddy.
I think we have as much fun as he does just watching him explore and browse the whole store over. He fell in love with this power wheeler. I know a lot of kids get cars for their birthdays...but $600 for a 2-year-old was a bit steep.
"Please can we drive it home?"
Harrison it obsessed with "Cars" right now, so when we saw Lightening McQueen he went nuts! He was really confused in this picture as to why Lightening McQueen wasn't going fast at that moment.

Stay tuned for more of Harrison's birthday weekend celebration...:)


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