License to Soak

Harrison has recently started a fascination with guns. Maybe it's from watching Toy Story every day, or maybe it's just 100% pure little boy. His favorite treat is browsing the toy aisle at Target (when he is behaving-this is not done when attitudes are present, for the safety of innocent bystanders). He loves looking at all the toy guns. As far as I know, the guy has never seen anyone correctly shoot a rifle or pistol, but he knew to hold the rifle up and look down the barrel before pulling the trigger. ( I don't think he knows about aiming yet!)
I think it just comes naturally in boys to be defenders, protectors, to pick up arms and fight anyone or thing threatening the peace and safety of their home fronts, or in this case, shopping carts. He was so excited to spot these water pistols I became that sucker mom and Harrison walked out of Target the proud owner of two new plastic water guns.
On warm(er) days you can bet this guy is armed and loaded (outside), shooting to his heart's content. Nothing stands in his way as he easily takes down fence posts, patio furniture, and the villainous cement slab. He may or may not have figured out that Mommy doesn't like to get shot with a stream of water in the face. And he may or may not have learned the hard way to not do that. But when not learning where to aim his shot, he is one pretty fast draw, and one tough little defender of this home front.


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