Line of Thought

I like to say Harrison is a linear thinker. He cannot get to point "C" from point "A" without having gone through point "B". And woe unto you if you switch things up, reverse, or add alternative points- there will be no coping after that.
I get that part of it is his age, and part is his personality. I've learned how to lay things out for him linearly and he goes right along with it fine. (I'm a pretty spastic and spontaneous person, so this is a new concept for me.) I didn't realize how much of this linear thinking was a part of him until I stumbled across his toys he had left out. There they were, all perfectly lined up in a tight and neat row.
I guess his line of thought included a line of trucks with nary a one trying to swerve out. I'm proud of his organized thinking, of his sticking to the most direct route. I pray that God shapes this into Harrison staying on HIS straight and narrow lamp lit path.
"And by supplication I will lead them, I will make them walk by streams of
waters, on a straight path in which they will not stumble"
Jeremiah 31:9


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