22 Weeks

Pregnancy Highlights
(I know I'm behind - I'm 23 weeks now, but still wanted to do a catch-up post and I will do a 23 week one too later this week.)
How Far Along: 22 weeks
Size of Baby: Baby is about 11 inches long - the average length of a large spatula
Weight Gain/Loss: I'm pretty sure I am gaining quickly! This baby boy is feeling bigger to me!
Maternity Clothes: Still a mix of regular clothes and comfy maternity clothes, especially when I'll be riding in the car a lot.
Gender: Boy!
Movement: A ton! This little man is getting pretty strong!
Sleep: Pretty good, though I am starting to have really weird dreams!
What I Miss: Nothing right now - I'm loving being blessed to carry our second son.
Cravings: Still loving cereal of all kinds and the occasional late night Taco Bell craving.
Best Moment of the Week: Finally deciding on a name for baby boy! Don't worry, after we tell the grandparents we will be announcing his name!
The big brother tasting holding a large spatula, about the length of baby boy this week. (I was having a hard time convincing him that there was no batter on there to lick- I guess you can tell I've started a bad habit with him!)


  1. Can't wait to hear Poco's legal name! This Aunt can't seem to get Poco out of the brain! =) hehe!

  2. You look like I did with my 2nd son. SO SMALL!! the 3rd one did me in LOL I exploded :)


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