You Know the Economy is Bad for Parents When...

1) You hesitate to change the wet diaper because it could probably hold a little more.

2.) You let your child continue to wear the food smeared shirt instead of immediately changing him to save on wash loads.

3.) You wonder if they whole family can live off of vegetable and fruit purees.

4.) You look forward to filing taxes because of the new baby tax credit.

5.) New clothes for yourself consist of the ones that just came out of the dryer.

6.) You try to weigh the importance of a gas fill up or diapers?

7.) You wonder if the babysitter will notice that you paid her with Monopoly money.

8.) You wonder if the "My Baby Can Read" program also offers a "My Baby Can Budget".

9.) Clipping coupons is an exciting activity.

and finally you know the economy is bad for parents when...

10.) You fear "recession" might be your child's first word.


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