State Fair!

We went to the State Fair! We had a blast and Harrison loved every minute! I'll let him tell you about his first state fair! (Warning: Long Post!) I went to the fair! Do you want to know what I saw?
This place has tons of food! I wanted to eat it all!
This is my Lego fishy!
And these are the real fishies! I love fish!
Mommy and I saw this sign and thought it was really funny since it was in a pile of mulch! Mommy wouldn't let me taste the mulch either.
Can I get one of these Dad?
Those ducklings look like something fun to play with!
Now this lama was a little too friendly for me...I don't think I'm a fan.
The bunny was kinda boring, he didn't make any cool noises!
Flying with Daddy!
I had a good talk with the goats- They would say "baaaa" and I would grunt back!
After all that walking around I had to quench my thirst-a nice tall lemonade! No, I didn't really get any, but the straw sure was tasty!
Oh, and my favorite of the whole night...
The carousel! Our state fair is a great state fair!


  1. That last picture is beyond the cutest thing I've ever seen. Such radiant joy! :)

  2. Yes! He was enthralled with the carousel! It is so much fun watching his sheer joy at things we have come to take for granted- it makes us remember how exciting those things really are- like carousels! :)

  3. That was some of the most FUN I have had with Harrison. Everything was fun, new, and oh so exciting. Gives you new persective how God must feel when you discover one of His promises for the first time.


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