It's A Bird; It's A Plane...

It's my little Superman! Faster than a speeding turtle....
Can stop a moving excersaucer...

He will save the day! (At least my day!)
I mean look at him! Who wouldn't want to be rescued by this cutie?


  1. Haha, no, not walking; but his new thing is leaning. He loves to face out and lean back. Because of the leaning we call him Joe Jr. :)

  2. Too funny!!! WHat a cutie! NA di love the shirt!

    Thanks soo much for visiting our blog and "delurking" AKA leaving a comment:)

    I am similiar to you in that as soon as I wanted kids I knew I wanted to homeschool them. It's such a fun adventure.

    And my style of homeschooling??? Well, I'm sure it will change over the years.., but we do most of our work at the kitchen table, most if our reading on the couch (although Anna and I read on my bed the other day and then napped for a few minutes....LOL). We don't have desks, although we are working on a "school room" but that is really to house our materials and have a place to leave out our projects and unfinished work.

    Thanks for your encouragements! And please continue to offer any ideas, you being an older child of a homeschooling family have a lot more wisdom into homeschooling than me:) Although I understand that each family does stuff different ways that work for them:)

  3. 3 for Me - You are so right about how each family's style works uniquely for that family! I guess that is one reason homeschooling is so nice- it is a custom made, evolving education as the children grow their own learning styles and interests! And along with that fluidity comes the ever changing school "room" location - that is one of the best parts- you can homeschool anywhere anytime! Thanks for being an encouragment and inspiration on your blog about homeschooling!


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