Hide It In Your Heart

Harrison, you watch me so closely, observing, retaining, cataloging every move, word, and response. Your brows go up and down tyring to give face to what you are seeing, and you memorize it. Right now my precious boy you are so innocent. Right now you mimic funny kissy noises and fake coughs, right now you observe mommy dancing around the house being goofy just to make you smile. Right now you only know this sheltered, safe environment. Right now you only know what we teach you. Right now won't always be right now... Harrison, there is an ugly world out there. You will observe many sad things that we cannot keep you from forever. So my wonderful and pure gift from God, guard your mind and hide His word in your heart! Mimic these behaviors, study and retain our praying, jump and bounce to our songs of worship. I pray over you my son that one day you will begin to mimic our Heavenly Father. That you will study Him and live your life to bring glory and honor to His name! I love you Harrison.

"How can a young man keep his way pure; by keeping it according to Thy word." Psalm 119:9


  1. Dear Megan, Your words are so beautiful. Harrison is such a lucky and blessed little boy to have you both as his parents.

    I love your new 'Hide It In Your Heart" button!

  2. Thanks Mara! I love the picture that inspired the button! :)


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