Throwback Thursday

Celebrating our past and the blessings along the way! Welcome to our Throwback Thursday!
I love this picture! Taken by my sister-in-law right after Matt's graduation from law school! It was such an amazing day as we reveled in the completion of hard work, sweat, tears, laughs, and blessings of his time in graduate school. It was such a long road, but an amazing journey we would not change a thing about. Our every need was met by our Heavenly Father and we never were in want. He provided housing, food, money for bills, jobs, amazing friends, scholarships, internships, vacations, and memories. We never once doubted this was God's plan for us as Matt worked hard to complete his education. I am so proud of him! I look forward to telling Harrison all that God did in our lives during that time. I didn't think it then, but now I look back and those years were a sweet and precious time of growing together. I want to tell Harrison that no matter how tough things seem, if you are in the center of God's will He carries you and meets your every need!


  1. I like that picture too. :)

    (Here's hoping your blog decides to allow me to post a comment even though it's never let me before...)


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