Throwback Thursday

In honor of my husband's love for football, I have decided to kickoff Throwback Thursdays!
The term throwback refers to the NFL teams occasionally wearing jerseys from decades past to celebrate their history. So in observing our own Throwback Thursday I want this weekly post to be a fun look back over our antics; and so Harrison can one day laugh at us! :)

This rather embarrassing photo was taken right before Matt left for senior year of college. His school was 1000 miles away and I was not looking forward to saying goodbye! But it was taken right in front of Starbucks. That summer started a tradition, er, obsession with Starbucks. It is still our weekly date and always bring back memories of our goodbye and time of long distance courting. Ok Harrison, go ahead and laugh at your parents' goofy clothes and hair! I am laughing now, what were we thinking?


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