This War That We Are Waging

What if the Church stopped pointing fingers? What if we stopped forcing our convictions on each other and got our minds and hearts transfixed on Jesus?
What would happen if we stopped counting tattoos and piercings? What if we stopped condemning personal preferences of what constitutes as a joyful noises? What if we didn't measure others skirt length, hair length, beverage choices, sermon topics, holiday observances, and education?
What if we stopped fighting ourselves and the Church actually engaged the real enemy? What if Satan's Battle of Distraction from what we are even here for succeeds? What if my boys don't get the war we are to be waging because they see one from within the Body instead? 
What if we lay aside personal differences, unite ourselves in Christ and get involved in the real battle? What if we all took to the streets, for a full frontal attack using the name of Jesus over our neighborhoods? What if we prayed over the lives living right next door?
What if we forget about whether you trick-or-treat, get your fall festival on, or turn the front porch light off? What if we remember that there is evil out there that doesn't care about innocence, that doesn't care about how you spend October 31, that doesn't care period? 
What if we pray for safety for the families out on this night? What if we claim these streets for Christ? What if we fight and lift the name of Jesus? What if we realize the Church cannot begin to do the fighting it should because it's so worn out fighting itself?
What if these men in the making get focused on the real battle? The one taking place in the spiritual realm. The very real one waging war on souls. What if these soldiers get trained to fight the actual enemy?
What if my boys grow up engaged in the war God intended them to be in, fighting over souls for Christ? What if the things of earth that so easily entangle us were actually identified as what they are and cut loose? What if we win the battle of distraction and get on our knees praising God for the day He made and ready to do His work?
What if....?


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