Messes of Happiness

Evolution of a Mess:
Let's paint...outside...on large sheets of paper. Wise choices, I thought.
They'll wear bummy's washable paint...they'll stay on the paper, I thought.
The paint spread to hands...and feet...and noses. The paintbrushes got replaced by toy cars, and trucks, and sticks.
The paint got replaced by mud...the paper got replaced by bodies...the mud turned into "dirt bombs".
The boys were now blue and red...and muddy...and wet. Because there was now a hose involved.
And a broom, a shovel, and dump truck joined in somewhere in there as well...and the mud took over what wasn't covered in paint.
And the paint...the matchbox cars...the dirt bombs...the hose...the mud...the sticks, rocks, wet paper, destroyed clothing, black fingernails, filthy heads, crusty feet, and sticky fingers were all wrapped in utter happiness.
Because the bigger the mess, the happier the's a fact. And the evolution of a mess at this house is...there will always be one, and it will be large, because this is a house full of happy.


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