Apple to Apples

We've been apple picking with the boys before. We've been with a baby in a back pack carrier.
We've been with an "I-can-do-it-myself" toddler and baby in the front pack carrier.
We've been in the sunshine, the cold, the morning, and the afternoon.
But we've never done apple picking like we did this past weekend.
This time we had a 4 year old thrill seeker climbing to the highest heights in search of the perfect apple.
We had a two year old insistent on keeping up with big brother, tree branch for tree branch.
In the midst of climbing, tasting, apple bomb throwing big boys, we also had a 6 month old grabbing handfuls of leaves.
We had pocket knife lessons for cutting taste test slices, we played hide-and-seek in the fujis.
We had boys "surfing" on apple crates, playing football with over-ripe fruit, and sword fighting with branches.
We had a car full of apple filled bellies on our way home and quiet laughs over our fast asleep sticky boys.
This apple picking day was long awaited and our beloved Virginia tradition continues with three times the antics and memories.


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