All the Money in the World Can't Buy This

Right now is a time for creativity and learning a whole new way to live life to the fullest.
Budgets are a little on the slim side and "extras" are not in our vocabulary.
And to be honest, this has been a wonderful time for all of us learning the true meaning of value and worth.
Enjoying the little moments and making the most of a dollar has only sharpened our skills in contentment and joy.
My goal has been to find ways to celebrate the little bits of life with minimum outgo and maximum fun! If you know me, you know I love any excuse for a party or celebration. I got the laundry washed and folded in one afternoon? Bring out the balloons! Matt beat rush hour traffic! It's cupcake time!
So when boys are excelling in school and baby brother turns 6 months a party was more than called for! Our local bakery boasts colossal donuts for a handful of change.
Excited little boys dug into sweet goodness and the following giggles, sticky fingers, and sugar coated memories couldn't be bought with any amount of money. I'm the richest momma in the world with these little men!


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