As a 7 year old boy, Matt watched his parents threatened, challenged, and then fight for the right to provide him a home education.
 The attorney working with his family sparked something in my husband. A passion for justice and upholding the Constitution was born in his heart.
 Decades of homeschool, 4-H, sports teams, debates, Young Republicans, student government, part-time jobs, college, internships, and law school served only to grow the talents and tools with which God had equipped him.
 Somewhere in there God chose me to be the helpmeet created to stand by this man's side. I will never know why I am so blessed to be the one, but I thank God everyday for the opportunity to be Matt's bride and watch God use him in mighty ways.
 In the ten years we have been together as friends, dating, and in marriage I have been witness to the calling God has on Matt's life. Neither one of us know what tomorrow holds, but we know it belongs to God as he continues to use Matt for his glory.
 And it was for His glory and purpose that He allowed a dream for Matt to come true. On Monday, a one-time hyperactive, homeschooled kid took an oath before the Supreme Court of the United States of America.
A man has grown from that 7 year old. A man who has talents emerging only God could grant. Talents and tools I wonder how God will use. My pride and excitement will only continue to grow as I count my blessings to call Matt my husband. Congratulations to my SCOTUS barred attorney! We love you!


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