Mr. President, Tear Down These Walls, Please

Mr. President,
We've taught them this city is the people's city.
Our dollars build it, protect it, and run it. Our votes rule it and our voice governs it.
These growing men of the next generation have been instilled with a respect, an awe, and a reverence for their Capital City.
They run their hands along memorial walls, they tread the hundred year old roads, and they learn up close the sacrifice, the honor, and the memory built into these landmarks dotting America's Washington, D.C.
Even these children recognize the awe This City blankets our world with. They know these sacred corners dedicated to our presidents, our history, and our heroes are a piece of them too.
These landmarks are their history. Their forefathers framed this nation, their great-grandfathers served and fought for their freedoms, and Washington D.C. gives them the tangible tributes to the greatness of our country.
They know this great City hails as the renown evidence of the rich history they are a part of.
What they don't know is why barricades now block paths through their once treasured landmarks.
What they can't understand is the police tape, the sand bags, and the metal ties.
What they don't understand is the fighting, the raised voices, the armed patrol guards, and the tension now guarding the entrance to their once beloved memorials.
Mr. President, I know you have your reasons to stand resolute. I know fingers are pointing back and forth as well as words and emotions.
But I also know you have been chosen by this nation to be its President, a nation made up of democrats, republicans, men, women, blacks, whites, children, and veterans.
Mr. President, attitude reflects leadership. So lead by example. Unify, reason together, look out your window at this city in police tape, look at the proverbial barricades around lives waiting on Washington and please Mr. President, tear down these walls.


  1. Amen, amen, amen. I don't know what else to say...I never thought I'd see our beautiful country like this but here we are. America needs to fall on its knees and repent for all our wrongdoing.
    Thanks for this was said so well, without condemning anyone. Your post is what my heart is crying out for too!

  2. Beautifully said and photographed ...

    1. Thank you so much. It's easy to take pictures when I've got such cute little men to capture! :)


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