Rest, Relaxation, and Repairs.

I know God has a reason for everything and I know God is in everything. So it's with this mantra that we will continue to vacation.
That's right, vacation. We loaded up and headed East for a week of beach, and that's when our car wouldn't move once the light turned green.
But even after leaking engine fluids, transmissions blowing, and spending 2 hours entertaining three boys on the floor of a welcome center, we still are on vacation.
This vacation just has an element of adventure we were in no way prepared for and wouldn't have chosen, but God knows all and is in all.
And in the grand scheme of things, while this is a huge time, resource, and financial blow, it really isn't worth wasting an oceanfront week over.
We are all happy, healthy, and already salt sprayed. We are surrounded by family willing to bend over backwards to shuttle bags, buckets, and boys for hours back and forth.
While we never saw our week of surf and sand including tow trucks and transmission, God did. And if it gets us to be even more reliant on our Father and grows our trust, then this truly is the beginning of a wonderful week of resting and relaxing in Him.


  1. What a great attitude, Megan! Sometimes we just have to take a deep breath and with determination, not let the devil get to us. I do hate to hear about car repairs though b/c I know they can certainly be expensive. God will provide and probably make you chuckle at how He is at work! :-) Enjoy your week at the beach!

    1. Thank you Sarah! And you are right! Matt and I have been talking about being able to look back and tell the "Beach Vacation When the Car Broke Down" story:)God is good!


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