5 Months Wils

My Sweet Happy Wils, you are already five months! That's been five incredible months of seeing your handsome face, holding your little hands, and cuddling you close.
It's been five blessing-filled months of watching you grow, seeing your sunshine smiles, and getting caught up in your infectious giggling, and these days you are all about the giggling! For some reason popping noises are your comedy preference.

You are in nine month clothing though there have been a few 12 month items to make an appearance. You've also recently been sporting your Daddy's beloved Redskin shoes that each of your older brothers have worn. This past week at the beach you also manned it up in a baseball hat and swim shorts and you were one studly little dude.
Mr. Wils, you've got me pretty nervous about future grocery shopping. I'm fairly confident in saying you eat about the same amount as your brothers. You can put away some food! You nurse every 3-4 hours during the day, but that was not enough for your fast growing. Now you've added 2 extra meals of big boy foods.
Your favorites so far are sweet potatoes, apples, carrots, peaches, oatmeal, and bananas. You can't stand green beans and will only eat peas if I hide them inside a bite of something else. I'm getting pretty good at being deceptive with a spoon. Also, you chose this past week of rest and relaxation at the beach to get your first 2 bottom teeth, but they are two very cute little teeth so we'll pardon the sleepless nights.
You are working hard on sitting up and have become a pro at rolling. I leave you in one place with a few toys and come back a few minutes later to find you on the other side of the room raiding your brothers' big boy toys. I'm pretty sure you will be like Jeff and ditch the rattles and chew toys for army men and match box cars by the time you are crawling.
My sweet Wils, you are laid back with the coming and going and flexible with schedules that may or may not exist and any given day. You are a content people watcher and perfectly fine being cuddled. Letting us know when you are frustrated has not been a problem for you, but that's few and far between your happy faces and cheerful babbling. I know you are itching to dive into the dog pile of your brothers and that will happen before I know it. But in the meantime I sure am loving all the sweet moments I have with you my precious little man. I pray God's blessings on you my sweet Wils. Love, Mommy


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