Gogs and Yo-Ho

For the longest time Jeff was content to let big brother communicate for him. Harrison filled in as translator, idea giver, and director of speech more often than not and that seemed to work for Jeff.
But here lately our second little man has decided to enter the vocal world and let himself be heard. It turns out Jefferson has his own thoughts, ideas, and opinions that differ greatly from Harrison's and he's ready to let us know that.
So while we are having to train the brothers on respectful and kind communication when expressing differing opinion and desires, it's been a lot of fun to get to know our J-Man better.
This strong little bundle of energy and giggles loves singing, the color blue, and now his latest obsession, all things pirate, or as he says, yo-ho. His latest yo-ho item is his Jake goggles from his auntie. He rocks his "gogs" proudly.
His verbal skills are exploding as he tries out new words. So while yo-ho seems to dominate most of the conversation he's definitely becoming his own little man and we are smitten with this kid. Now if I can convince him to unlearn his other new favorite word, "No."


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