Everybody, meet Casa. Casa, meet everybody. This very loved blue-tailed skink recently made his way into our home, literally.
We came home from a park and there stretched out in the sun coming through our office window was this fast and feisty reptile.
Harrison had it in his grasp within seconds, claimed it as his next-of-kin, and proceeded to proclaim his undying loyalty and pride in his new pet.
While my brain whirled to figure out what transpired between panicking at the site of a lizard on the carpet to becoming proud pet owners, Harrison had procured a container to be "Casa's" new home.
And while I hadn't seen a pet in our near future, Casa comes with a lot of "pros".  We've created a homeschool unit study around him learning about reptiles, habitats, and eco-systems. Though even with all our leaning, Harrison insists Casa can be trained to race him one day.
I also wondered if Casa might also provide the boys their first lessons of life and death, Harrison is having none of that though as evidenced in his prayers, "Dear God, thanks for sending Casa. And because I love him, please let him live forever!"


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