Anything But Routine

I notice a lot of blogs I follow like to do a reoccurring post about their daily schedule. I read these and I laugh, out loud.
See, I've got some active boys who have zero concept of time and think in "activities" not minutes. So the words "daily schedule" is a fluid concept in living life with these three.
Let me just give you a run down of a typical day. We wake up, ok, the boys wake us up, then we hit the ground running with a coffee pot in one hand and poptarts in the other.
There's school, laundry, dishes, dinner prep, clothes, diapers, messes, stains, lunch, ninja fights, arguments, broken toys, broken lamps, jokes, lost Lego's, exercise, laughing, shoe tying, scraped knees, tv shows, sword fights, walks, mail, sippy cups, naps (not for me), books, bills, bath, bed. That doesn't include things like grocery shopping, grass mowing, dusting, bathroom cleaning, vacuuming, weeding, ironing, and hair cuts.
My idea of a schedule is to get done what needs to happen in way where I didn't miss spending the little moments with my boys. The essentials of full bellies, good sleep, and lots of play and memories are enough to keep the days moving.
In my opinion they move fast enough already. I don't want to "plan" them away with a time schedule. So today, the cleaning got done, food got eaten, and laundry was folded. Boys have been sword fought, snakes have been caught, and only one knee was scraped. Who knows what tomorrow holds, but today's schedule was just perfect for me and my three little men.


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