New Creation

For the past several months Harrison has been asking a ton of questions about Jesus, Heaven, salvation, and Hell. We've seen his little heart starting to search for God and have been praying over and for him. He would say he wanted Jesus to live in his heart, but would usually get hung up on the fact that it also meant giving up control of his life and surrendering all to God. Not being in control is something Harrison does not enjoy.
But then last night, in the midst of the bedtime rush of teeth brushing, pj changing, stuffed animal arranging, and cover tucking Harrison said, "I want Jesus in my heart, tonight, right now. I want to be with Him in Heaven." Matt and I felt our hearts burst in anticipation of the moment Harrison was ready to take that step towards eternity with Christ. Matt talked with him awhile to make sure Harrison understood exactly what he was doing.
Harrison patiently answered every question with solid truth, assurance, and readiness. So with Jefferson playing blocks, and Wilson cooing on the floor beside us, we held Harrison in our arms as he prayed in his own words, "Dear Jesus, please come in my heart. Please forgive my sins and take them all to the cross with you. Help me not sin anymore. Please let me come live in heaven. It's not about gold; it's about you God. Amen!"
As we all cheered, whooped and hollered, with tears in our eyes Harrison excitedly announced, "I'm a new Harrison!" Matt and I talked long into the night after we tucked our "new creation" into bed. Leading our child to Christ and seeing him born again is the most precious experience we have ever witnessed. I've never felt so in the presence of God as I did last night as our little boy approached the throne asking for God to forgive Him, accept Him, and reign in Him. Our hearts are full today and words fail us as we praise God for his gift of salvation, for sending His son to die in in order to save ours. Thank you Jesus!
"I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth!" 3 John 1:4
Happy Born Again Birthday Harrison!


  1. I am so excited for y'all! Congratulations Harrison on becoming a new creation! It's wonderful to have a new "Brother-In-Christ"!

    Love In Christ,


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