Guy Time

Being an all boy mom I'm learning a lot about the way guys bond, and let me tell you, it's not by going shopping and talking over a skinny vanilla latte at the coffee shop.
These guys simply want to be side by side, just hanging out, with sometimes no talking at all. Skip the deep heart to hearts, the line of thought provoking questions, and just get down in the floor with the Xbox.
Matt and Harrison can play shoulder to shoulder for 30 minutes and somehow communicate every emotion of mutual respect, admiration, love, and gratitude for the other having never said a word.
And as a wife, mom, and a girl, this is amazing and all around just neat to observe. Since I've never been a "hang out and talk for hours on the phone, etc" girl this works pretty well for me too.
Already we've gone on side by side jogs, reading books, hiking, watching a movie, or making dinner without a long line of dialogue. It's after these quiet interactions I most clearly see the men they will become emerging. 
 It's because I know how little men say that the words they choose to express are the most precious. So when they put their arms around me and say, "I love you so much, Mom", I know they mean it and that's all I need to hear.


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