DC Road Rules

Just stating the obvious here, but driving in DC is worlds different from driving in rural Tennessee.While some of us are adventurous and possess a slight lead foot, ahem, me, it can be a tad overwhelming. So from what I've learned by observing, here's a condensed guide of road rules around The Hill. 
1. Taxi's always have the right-a-way. This doesn't mean it's always correct or legal, but if you want your front end left intact, just brake and let them over.
2. Entrance and Exit Ramps aren't. These are actually "lane extensions" by which one can use to go around 3 or 4 more cars before getting back over in the stopped traffic.
3. There are no speed limits, they are more a speed suggestion.
4. There is no rush hour, it's rush day. There's tons of people in tons of cars all day everyday. There will be traffic, you will be late, end of story.
5. On the topic of merging...merging? What's merging? No on in DC knows.
6. Honk your horn randomly. Everyone else is doing it. I have no idea why, I don't think they know why, but it sure is fun to just go ahead and enjoy using a feature of your car that rarely gets used elsewhere.
7. Stoplights: Green means "go", Yellow means "go faster", and red means "proceed with caution". When in doubt just assume you can go since blocking an intersection seems in vogue.


  1. haha- thats why i dont drive city traffic well, as you may remember... =) and just sayin, Moose looking over his shoulder looks an awe-full lot like his big brother!


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