Becoming Extinct

Things My Boys Will Never Experience 
(Due to technological advances) 
House Phones: We just use cell phones so our boys will never hear a ringing home phone or twirl the cord nervously in their fingers as they call a girl, or miss dial a number and have to hang up and try again...
And for the matter answering machines: They'll never rush through the door after a day away to check the blinking light to see "messages waiting" and hoping it's a friend with a great idea to hangout.
VHS tapes: We were at a consignment sale and Harrison saw a stack of VHS tapes. He asked if they were blocks! Oh and let me just add, they will never know the torture of fast forward and rewind. They just plug in their DVD and it's ready to go.
Cassette tapes, walk-mans, CD's, and disc-mans: Well, truthfully we do own all of these and my boys have handled them all, but let's be honest, they are phasing out fast. When my boys want a new song we download it for $.99
But in this insane updating world there's just something about holding onto the "way it used to be". So I'm going to make sure my boys have homemade jam and bread, have Looney Tunes to watch, appreciate and send hand written notes, and know how to fix a cassette with a pencil...because it's the little things like that which make life full of rich memories.


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