Growth Spurts

Jefferson has grown up overnight...literally. I've had to go buy a new summer wardrobe for the child. I'm sure his growth spurt is one for the record books.
He and Harrison are sharing clothes, shoes, and personalities of independence. I guess that is the growth that has amazed me the most.
It must come from having a big brother to keep up with but there is no pretend sword he can't wield or playground ladder he can't scale.
He is a man of few words and possesses a dry humor and an immense pleasure in making people laugh. His appetite has never been fully satisfied and I don't think I've seen him sit still...ever.
But for all of the climbing, jumping, slapstick falling, and unnaturally fast growing I can't help but get taken in by that mischievous toothy grin of his and sweep him into my arms for a cuddle.
Because that's who Jefferson is. My wild, independent, bruised knees, daredevil, comical cuddle bug and he'll never get too big for my arms.


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