Mr. Two Months

My precious, handsome Wilson, you are already 2 months old! I was silly to think you would stay a baby long with two big brothers you are trying desperately to catch up to!
You are always up for an adventure. You love being worn in a sling or wrap as we head out into the wild (aka the grocery store, on a walk, etc.)
We can't get enough of your smiles and grins that seem to come up from the bottom of your toes. Your whole body gets into conversations as you wave your arms and legs while you attempt to make sounds and "talk".
You are in 6-9 month clothing, wear size 2 diapers, and closing the gap between you and Jefferson's foot size. I keep thinking you are older than you are since you are so big and long but I think you like it that way since you are destined to grow up fast.
You eat every three hours during the day and sleep 6-7 hour stretches at night, which by the way I can't thank you enough. You nap ok, but the amazing sleep-through-anything super powers you had are fading away as your brothers loud play filters into your dreams.
And I can't blame you for that. Whatever it is they are loudly banging, exploding, yelling, singing, or crashing is sure to be more fun than laying in crib in a room by yourself. Your big brothers can't wait for you to join their frivolity as they are constantly trying to include you in their imaginative play.
I've seen matchbox cars, Wii controllers, cowboy hats, and water pistols all left on or near you as your brothers make you part of the play. Just like your Daddy and me, I think they are pretty enamored with you. Wilson, you are the perfect little man to join this all boy party and we thank God for you every day! Each moment has been a gift and we are proud of the man you are becoming! We love you Wils!


  1. Oh my dear! I just love him and can not seem to get enough of him at one stage before he changes again! So big and so handsome! LOVE him!

  2. What a little cutie! I love that last pictuer of him. :)

    Thanks for your comment on our blog! We love our home school nights, not only because it gives us a chance to show Daddy what we've been learning, but also to let the Grandparents get a look. It's also good for teaching "public" speaking and presentation. :)

    Hope your family is doing well!!


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