Zone Defense

When you've got four testosterone full, competitive driven, scoreboard watching, just-do-it attitude men under one roof, sports analogies are just part of our normal every day dialect.
So when we knew Wilson would be joining our family it wasn't hard to understand Matt's plan to change our strategy; time to go from man-to-man to zone defense.
I guess with two out in public by myself I had already been doing this somewhat, but, I do have two arms so technically one arm per boy and my man to man coverage was pretty decent.
There still managed to be a few upturned store displays, extra items in the cart, a meltdown here or there over spilled goldfish, and even a few ,"Where did he go?" moments.
But now we are going to the next level. I've got three bundles that don't stay still and they are super charged for adventure. They never cease to amaze me with turning Target into a wildlife expedition, but it's never boring.
So if we can make it out to the store and back with nothing broken, lost, missing, or crying I think we're doing pretty good. As Harrison likes to say in his game talk, "Bring it on Baby!"


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