A Little Pink in a A Lot of Blue

Being in an all male household means "girl" things are few and far between.
So I felt pretty special when all my men supported my desire to see the cherry blossoms in the city.
My little rascals hiked the bank of the Potomac with their shutter snapping momma happy as could be with their bags of pretzels. 
I've kinda learned that in order to get lost in a world through my camera lens, snacks definitely help appease my troops, if not to keep them distracted enough to not attempt belly flopping in the river.
So while I was getting swallowed into the pink canopy overhead my men were dragging sticks through mud, chasing dogs, and Harrison even tried talking in a another language to an Arabic girl he met.
We ended up with a hole in a pair of jeans, a devoured bag of crackers, several "treasures" of tree limbs and rocks, and only one scraped knee...success!
In a world of adrenalin pumping guy movies, Transformers, and army men, I really feel special when all my men take a day to make my interests happen too.
 I ended up with several flowers picked just for me and tucked lovingly in my hair by my little men's hands and I had a blast being lost in the sea of blooms, even if these guys didn't really appreciate the beauty.
They were more lost in a world of poking sticks down manhole covers and terrorizing ants through a grass blade jungle.  At least we all found some entertainment and I couldn't be happier to be surrounded with these guys God has blessed me with.


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