Two Weeker

Dear Wils,
 Funny how two weeks pregnant seemed so much longer than two weeks of having you in my arms! It is such a joy to get to look into your wide open eyes, watch your little lips form an "O", and feel your little fingers wrap around mine.
We are smitten with you handsome man and feel so very blessed you are a part of our family as we get to know you. You are pretty laid back and love taking in the action, antics, and accidents courtesy of your big brothers. 
You are in size 1 diapers, wear 3 month clothes, nurse every 3 hours during the day and 4-5 hours at night. At your check-up you were almost 21" long and they wanted you to have been back up to your birth weight of 7lbs were 8lb're good!
You hate having your diaper changed and your fingernails clipped, you sleep better amid chaos than when the house is quiet, and you are starting to enjoy your nightly massage after bath time. You hate the baby swing and bouncy chair because you hate laying back. You want to be upright taking in the world around you. You love when I wear you in the sling.
You've started "talking" to us in coos only your biggest brother claims to understand. His translations so far have been you are saying that he is the coolest big brother and you want to be just like him...and I'm ok with that since you have the best two big brothers a guy could have. We sure love you more than I can say with words! Happy Two weeks Wilson!


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