The Middle Man

 Being the oldest of five, I really have no idea what it's like to have an older sibling or to be in the middle of siblings. What is it like to have someone bigger than you telling you what to play with, how to play, or not wanting to play.
 What is it like to have someone younger that needs a lot of care and attention from mom leaving you to problem solve with aforementioned older sibling dictating your day? So, since I can't relate I've just decided to help him escape every now and then.
So this handsome dude and I went on a grocery shopping date yesterday. For a whole trip of one on one with mommy he was the oldest, the youngest, and the only. He kept giving me kisses and saying, "Hi Mommy," as if he was just able to talk without interruption finally. I love this incredible middle man. God knew he could handle it and he's doing great. I'm looking forward to more one on one dates with him and his brothers as they grow and become the men God is molding them into.


  1. i love this! our ben is the same way. its hard for him to get a word in edgewise around the house. its so much fun to have time alone with him because you can see his personality truly shine.


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