Visions of Firemen Danced in His Head

It's important to us that we as a family try to focus on others and look for ways to minister to anyone we may meet during the day, especially during the Christmas season.
This is one reason we wanted to take the boys to give Christmas cookies to our local firemen. Together with some close friends the boys worked hard to decorate cookies and then deliver them at the station.
They were rewarded with heartfelt "thank you's" and a tour of the trucks! The boys could not have been happier! The fireman asked Harrison if he wanted to drive the truck to which he promptly responded "Yes!"
Once placed behind the wheel Harrison turned to the fireman and said, "It's not driving!" After a good laugh he explained he needed to get bigger and then if he wanted to, he could become a fireman. "I do want to be a fireman when I get bigger!" exclaimed Harrison.
At the end of our visit Harrison had a hard time leaving. He wanted to stay with the firemen and eat the cookies with them and "watch the trucks all night!" I think the firemen really enjoyed our visit and I think we may have found a new tradition.


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