Some Days

Don't judge; there are quite a few imperfections and potential "You let your child do what?" moments in this post, but this is real life, and some days are like this...
Like, some days you actually do the things you've pinned on Pinterest. Like our felt Christmas tree. Because some days, Harrison has this thing for rearranging the ornaments on our big one, so this one is all his.
And some days, I let Harrison help me with projects and he can be found handling sharp pointed objects like scissors and pins. I can assure you he is under constant supervision and he does very well.
And some days my cutting skills take longer than I plan because I don't just possess that craftiness flair for snipping and sewing. So the morning flies by and we are still in our pajamas. Yep, some days that happens around here.
And some days the kitchen sink is full of dirty dishes and the laundry begs to be switched, but I'm busy with my boys cutting felt stars and bells.
And some days, are the best days like that. Because some day, these days will be a memory and my little men will have kids of their own. So for today, it was a perfectly imperfect day.


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