Black and White

Here we are, a week before Christmas, and it was almost 70 degrees. Please explain to me how you are supposed to be in a hot kitchen baking sugar cookies with a day like that right out your door.
So out we went. Now, this may seem a tad irresponsible since the boys had runny noses and coughs, but who doesn't this time of year. And really, I was only looking out for their well being since they would get plenty of Vitamin D.
Let me tell you, growing up in a region where Christmastime is cold, this weather definitely messed with the senses. Seeing garland and tinsel while wiping sweat from your brow was feeling contradictory.
While personally I would not mind at all to spend Christmas laid out on a beach soaking up the sun, there is also just something about being wrapped in sweaters, sipping hot chocolate, and seeing lights against frosted window panes.
So for memories sake, maybe our week before Christmas trip to the zoo will look colder in black and white and therefore make it seem more Christmasy when we look back? Who knows, but secretly I'm loving the warm days, and I'm pretty sure the boys did too!


  1. I LOVE this weather, too. But I agree it makes it a little harder to get in the Christmas spirit. We went to Hawaii over Christmas break once when I was in college (with my parents) and it was definitely odd to see Christmas trees and wreathes hanging up while you walked to the beach. :) But it was a good kind of odd. ;)


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