Christmas Card Catastrophe

This year I am far from organized, pre-planned, and prepared. I haven't finished gift shopping, not one present is wrapped, and our stockings still have not been hung. So needless to say, Christmas cards have not been prioritized.
I feel this is a very un-Christmas thing to do, like only the Grinch doesn't send out Christmas cards right? Then I am reminded by other busy friends that it's ok if the cards don't go out on time or if at all.
I guess considering how our attempt at a festive picture went it was all meant to not be. A kind lady at our church assured me she was familiar with my camera model and went adjusting the manual settings.
Then there was the fact that Jefferson decided to have a meltdown. No, not your typical fussy, I'm tired cry, but a full out nuclear reactor meltdown. With half the church gathered in the foyer enjoying the free entertainment, we smiled as camera lady snapped away.
With Jefferson's sobs and slobber buried in my hair we finally got a shot that looked somewhat merry. Not quite what I had in mind. We will attempt a redo, but please don't be surprised if you don't find a card from the Clark's in your mailbox this year. We do wish everyone a Merry Christmas, a blessed New Year, peace and joy to you and yours, and all the other catchy little phrases on those neat photo cards. It's just, you actually need some neat pictures to go on those. So here is hoping to next year and many good family poses to come.


  1. I haven't done much of that stuff either this year! Mom brain for sure. Your family pics are super cute btw :)

  2. Haha...I never send out Christmas cards. And don't feel bad...I haven't wrapped a thing either! (We just about finished all our shopping today though, finally!)


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