There's a new boy in our house. His name is Jake. Jake and Harrison are inseparable. Jake eats meals with us, watches movies with us, plays cars, and puzzles, fights bad guys, and reads books. Jake has a boat and a sword and knows how to skateboard.
Jake rides in the back seat of our SUV, he doesn't like to be cold, he hates having messy hands, but loves to play in the dirt. Jake has 2 guitars, one electric, one acoustic. He has a blue helmet, a bike, and plays baseball and football. Jake drives a fast red car.
Jake loves cookies and pb&j. Jake wears big boy boxers, can climb really high, and needs his own water bottle. Jake can sing and likes to help Harrison pack Daddy's lunch. He apparently sleeps in our attic and needs some Christmas presents. I have never seen Jake, but he is quite the imaginary friend.
While I was ready to call the national guard, or at least the pediatrician, Matt assures me it is perfectly normal, especially for boys, to have imaginary friends they admire and look up to. So I guess Jake will hang around for the time being. I know one day Harrison's vivid imagination will be desensitized by bill payments, deadlines, disappointments, and reality. As long as he wants to imagine a hero at his side to fight the bad guys, it's fine with me.


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