My First Present For Daddy

So I got this brilliant idea to have Harrison "make" his first Father's Day present for his Daddy. It involved wet paint, a 3 month old, 4 volunteers, and lots of patience! I only get creative once every 25 years, so I decided to seize the thought before it disappeared. I used Harrison's hand prints to create an American flag for his very Patriotic Dad. I'll let Harrison tell you how that went... I guess I will always have it on record that mom let me play in paint, red paint!
No, I'm not being tortured, but I guess I will enjoy this kind of thing more when I am
three YEARS old, not just three MONTHS old.
I was being held by someone, mom was painting my hands and pressing them down, someone else was holding my arm so I didn't get paint on my clothes, and of course there was someone there to document the whole ordeal with pictures!
Tada! The finished masterpiece!
Yep, I did pretty good if I do say so myself! I think Daddy will like it! It's my first of many art projects to come!
Yea! Daddy loved it! I'm pretty proud of myself too! I love you Dad!


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