Date With My Men

We took full advantage of our first weekend home in a long time! My men took me out on a few dates! We had a blast! I was completely spoiled and loved on! We spent some time walking around historic parks, shopping, and a fun out door cafe lunch. Then Sunday, Harrison and I took Daddy to his favorite burger place in all the world- Red Robin. It was Harrison's first time there, and I am a horrible mom in the nutrition category, but, well, I'll let you have a look at the pictures... Chilling in my stroller at the cafe. Am I handsome or what?
Dad telling me about the trucks going by. I like looking at cars and trucks now!
The Men
Can you tell what is all over my face? Mom gave me french fries!!! Well, actually the inside of one, but who cares... It was amazing!
I could not get enough! So, so good!
And everyone knows after a few french fries you have to wash it down with some ice not coke, bummer- mom didn't let me have that! It was ice water.
We finished out a fun day with dad teaching me golf, well at least golf on the xbox.
Nice Eagle Dad!
If I could just get the hang of my arms I could get all those cool buttons! I bet Dad is going to think it is so cute when I can actually grab it and chew on those buttons! Hehe.
Yeah, it was a great weekend. I had a lot of firsts, I feel very loved, and I know I am as cute as ever!


  1. Love that monkey! and way to go on the french fry catagory! LOVE IT!


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