Adventures of Harrison

Harrison keeps very busy these days! He is one active little man! Here is how Harrison is spending his summer days! Good morning to everyone! I love summer time! Just like mommy, it is my favorite season! Let me tell you about my summer days!
Like any grown man, I love reading the paper in the morning; particularly the comics!
After all that reading and a wardrobe change, I am worn out! Nap time!
Surf's up Dude! I LOVE the swimming pool! Mom and Dad pull me around through the water and I splash and kick my legs!
Mommy and me have matching suits!
Swimming makes me very sleepy!
Nap on Dad's shoulder sounds great!
After my nap, it's time to burn some energy! Johnny Jump-Up anyone?
Look! I can make it go side to side too! This is a blast!
That wore me out!
Time to end the day! Good Night!


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