First Road Trip!

We have safely arrived at our vacation destination!!! We are getting ready to enjoy the few days here with friends and hope to enjoy some sun at the beach! But I thought I would update everyone on our road trip down. We were a little nervous with how Harrison would handle the long day in the carseat. Ten hours is a long time not including stops for gas fill-ups, food, and of course any diaper changes! But our amazing little guy surprised us all and we had an amazing time and made the trip in 11.5 hours! Crack of dawn and getting ready to load up in the car!
Aunt Lina came with us to help out! Harrison loves his Aunt Lina!
All buckled in and ready to hit the road!
Just in case any of you were worried we would not stop to feed Harrison...
Take a look at the belly! He got fed!
Look what I learned to do on the trip! I can hold my cup and sip from it all by myself!
The many sleeping faces of Harrison
Aren't those the cutest little kissy lips?
Sleeping in the hotel after a very long day! What an amazing little guy! He seems to be feeling much better and we couldn't be more proud of our little man!


  1. *tears up* my lil boy is all grow up, and, holding his own sippy cup! haha...i'm so glad he's done so great! i hope he has fun!!! <3

  2. What an amazing kid! So thankful you all made it safely! We love you!


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