Happy Four Months Harrison!

Today is the four month mark of your big arrival! I can hardly believe what a little man you already becoming! You are growing fast, strong, and healthy. Your Daddy and I are very blessed! We love so much Harrison! May you continue to grow in wisdom, stature, and favor with God and men! Four months old today!
Does that mean I finally get a cake?
No cake, but I did get a new food- what is that mom? It looks very interesting!
I'm not sure about this...it's orange...are you supposed to eat things this color?
I guess so! It's good stuff! Sweet potatoes! Yum!!! I love this orange stuff!
I am all boy! I can't get enough of this food!
I like sitting in my chair too! I feel so grown up!
Oh yeah, making messes are a blast! I think this may be the start to a beautiful relationship- me and messes!!!
I have to clean up my mess? Are you sure about that! I just worked so hard making it!
The cleaning up part is not as fun as making them part!
On my four month birthday I also am getting really good at sitting up and playing! I love this new point of view and independence!
I think I like getting bigger and growing up!
That's my happy boy! I love you Harrison! Happy four months! You are my gift!


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