More Florida Memories

Palm trees have to be the coolest trees ever!
View from our hotel- notice the presence of the coolest trees ever!
He was so good! He sat just like this in his carseat for 11 hours on the way there and another 11 on the way back; he deserves an award!
Taking a nap at our friend's house in Florida; new places and new people wore him out!
Talking with Uncle Matt who would not share his birthday cake with Harrison. He would watch Matt eat it and open is mouth for some- it was really cute!
The whole gang!
Napping with Aunt Lina
Trying some lemon! He was so fussy at the restaurant and we tried everything to make him happy. Someone suggested a lick of lemon to distract him for a few moments...
It worked! But he was not sure he liked it!
Getting sunscreen on to go into the pool!
Florida is the life!


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