20 Weeks With Baby Quinn

 How Far Along: 20 Weeks (a week behind, as I'm 21 weeks today. But also at our 20 week ultrasound, baby boy was measuring 21 weeks, so that makes him 22 weeks now but for documenting sake will stick with the original due date and be happy if he arrives earlier ;)
Size of Baby: 10", about the length of a banana. We found out this week he weighs 14 oz. 
Gender: BOY! 
Maternity Clothes: I'm packing some maternity dresses for our baby moon trip this coming week so it will officially be the first donning of maternity clothing but I wanted to be comfy :)
Movement: Baby boy is getting stronger and gave us quite a show at the ultrasound. He kicked and flipped, waved, hid his face with his hands, stuck his tongue out, sucked his thumb, and rolled all over. He is still relatively laid back in general though and saves his best tumbling for late night hours. 
Cravings: I'm not saying my turkey sandwich and fruit days are over but I am getting to that point where I just don't have a huge appetite. I don't really get hungry so cravings are waning. 
Symptoms: No new symptoms, feeling great and enjoying getting to know this new little man. 
Best Moment of the Week: Getting to see our boy for the first time and hear that he is perfect in every way, healthy, and growing strong! We had a wonderful technician who let us look as long as we wanted and the kids all enjoyed being able to point out different bones and the hands and feet of their new brother. We then got a surprise 3d ultrasound which we've never had before and we spent another long time staring at our new baby stick his tongue out, play with his hands, and yawn. Even Madison was waving at the baby as we all soaked up the few minutes of peeking into his world. We can't wait to have him hear in another few months! 

And an extra belly picture for fun because Wils ran into the frame yelling "cheese with mommy!" and how could we resist that? :) 


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